Mobile App Design & Prototyping

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Mobile App Design & Prototyping

With the world’s biggest companies being platform based, having an app has gone from being simply a good-to-have to a necessity. In order for companies to stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial that they keep their customers engaged through an own-and-operated platform. 

While the technical aspect of building can be easily outsourced, designing an app that users love and stay engaged requires experience in building user-centric products and creating user journeys that are unique and impactful. Prototypes are exceptionally useful in doing testing and giving a fell with your customers so you know that you’re building a product users love before development.

Key Benefits

Immersive Experience

Creating personalised experiences using a user's interest, location, culture, etc has never been easier

Branding and Design

Every app is customized according to your brand, allowing you to test various layouts and user experiences.

Dynamic Re-marketing

Showcase relevant products to your customers based on their search behaviour on your website.

Mobile Apps are Faster

Applications are usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and they perform actions much faster too.

Trackability and insights

Proper app design and tracking allows you to understand your customers and where they are dropping off, so you know how to reengage them.

Push Notifications and Instant Updates

With everyone on their mobile phones all the time, push notifications are one of the best ways to engage with your users on a regular basis.

Our Product Growth Process


We first work with you to understand what you are hoping to achieve through the app, your customers as well as the scope of the app that you are looking to build. 

Market Research

Making sure that we are creating applications that users will love is of upmost importance, so we do user research, focus group discussions and surveys to get feedback from the ground.


We take these insights and learnings to create a basic version of the app based on the users that we have interacted with. We work very closely with you and constantly do market validation with your users using the agile methodology.

Product Design

With a good idea and agreement on how the user journey and building blocks of the app should look like, we move on to fill in the details and make the app look a way that resonates with your brand and gives your users the experience you want.


While static designs are great for showing stills of how your app should look, there is nothing quite like the ability to hold your product in your hands and using it even before development. With our prototypes, you can show customers or management the full app experience before any heavy commitment.

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