Web Development and e-commerce

Helping you showcase your product, brand your company and understand your customers better

Web Development and E-commerce

Web development has become an integral part of helping businesses brand themselves to consumers and started selling online. With consumers constantly turning to search engines including Google to help in the decision making process, it’s the perfect opportunity to address key problems that your customers are searching for and market your services to them.

Beyond sales, a well-built website acts as an avenue to showcase your brand, promotions and offerings to the entire world, beyond the geographical limitations of traditional marketing.

Key Benefits

Build a Strong Lead Generation Funnel

Websites act as a great way for businesses to gain prospective leads who have shown interest by getting their email in exchange for valuable information or perks.

Easy-to-use and Fully Customizable

Showcase who and what your brand stands for through your website, with the full flexiblity to create different styles and imagery anytime, anywhere.

Integrated Online to Offline (O2O) Experience

Combine your digital efforts to drive traffic and awareness towards your current offline activities and retail outlets.

Data Driven Analysis

Use data science to get valuable insights on your customers behaviour, preferences and habits through heat maps, cookie trackers and Google Analytics

Additional Sales Revenue Channel

Leverage on your website as a sales channel and a product catalogue to show your customers exactly what you have to offer and it's benefits.

Target New Customers

Showcase your expertise and insights through relevant content pages and pieces on your website, exposing them to your brand and your offerings.

Key Building Blocks

Customized Home Page

Strong and impactful copywriting to correctly fit your customers needs with your offerings, coupled with impactful imagery.

Specialised Landing Pages

Built for conversions and convincing customers why exactly they should choose you over the other competitors. We believe that the best landing pages are the ones that are iterated over and over multiple times.

About Us

Products are one part of the story, getting customers to buy into your vision and what you stand for is crucial to stand out in crowded marketplaces today.

Contact Us Page

Strong call-to-action for customers who have any concerns or inquiries and want to speak to a company representative.

Web Analytics and Tracking

We believe that brands, marketing and user journeys are all created deliberately, which is why we place heavy emphasis on making sure that every action your valued customers take are tracked and created into insights.

Gain Insights into Marketing in the Digital World

If you’re ready to supercharge your brand, drop us an email or a call.