Our Story

Our Story

My name is Junyan and I’m currently managing Digimau which helps businesses establish themselves in the online space. I’ve been doing Digital Marketing for a little over 4 years now, with the fortunate experience of being with a big tech MNC, co-running a local start-up and launching the digital arm in a local retail SME in Singapore.

What's Behind the Name

I really wanted to have a name that will symbolize good fortune yet showcase roots as a Chinese. The inspiration came when I went back to Chinatown and walked by an old provision shop which still has a Fortune cat (招財貓) sitting by the entrance which is believed to bring fortune and good luck all year long.

Businesses these days who still have the Fortune Cat sitting outside have probably been around for a couple of decades, and I wanted to help businesses achieve the same longevity in the online space, so I decided on Digimau – the place that businesses can come and seek good fortune and prosperity through the services that we offer.

Our Vision

To help small and medium businesses embrace and use technology to create business solutions

Our Mission

Empowering every business with the skills to sell online in the Singapore market, regardless of language or background.