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Paid Marketing

The number of social media platforms are growing at such a rapid rate and it’s becoming increasingly complex for businesses to figure out which platforms their customers patronise.

Online ad campaigns allow companies to get in front of their ideal customers more quickly than ever, showcasing their products and offerings in real time. Social media platforms such as Google and Facebook gives companies the ability to target users who are most likely to use their products, often driving a key part of the business. 

Getting Your Product In Front of the Right Audience

Today’s consumers are more discerning than ever before. Gone are the days where brands can create a general ad showcasing the benefits and customers flock to the storefront to purchase your product. 

Creating the correct ad that makes the customer not feel like you’re selling them a product takes a lot of time and research. Understanding who will find the most value from what you have to offer and convincing them why this is a problem you can solve is the way to stand out from your competition. Learn about which channels and how you can get your products in front of your customers effectively with us.

dynamic retargeting

Dynamic Remarketing

The modern consumer needs to have 6 touchpoints before they are ready to make a sale from your brand. Having a website and social media presence may be able to make the customer aware of your product, but in order to make a sale you need to retarget them with ads to get them to learn more about your product. 

Remarketing works as we are emotional creatures and make purchasing decisions based on how we feel. Showcasing some new aspects of the products or a discount to products that the customer has shown interest in is often that little extra push you need to get that sale.

Great for Businesses Large and Small

If you have an existing product with a pool of loyal customers, running ads can push your business to the next level. Lookalike audiences helps you find customers just like the ones who love your brand and market your products to them. Upon converting them to new customers, you’ll be able to engage them further through other channels such as social media and email marketing.

Many start-ups feel like they are not suitable to run ads as they have limited resources and understanding of their customers to do this reliably. While this may be true, ads is the fastest way to test your product with the market to see if there is any interest, helping you iterate and reach product-market fit faster than any other marketing channel.


Work with an Agency You Can Trust

Spending ad dollars on marketing carries some risk, but the upside of being able to showcase your products to your audience can help your brand scale sustainably.

Over the years, we have been able to help our clients achieve a healthy return on ad spend (RoAS) across different industries. Working closely with Google and Facebook, our ads specialists get the latest insights so we can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our Framework and Process


We first understand your business objectives and prospective customers to map our a digital strategy to decide on key objectives, targets and our course of action.

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Industry Insights

We do further research to understand trends and opportunities of grow within your industry to identify areas that have a high potential of growth.

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Proposed Actionable Steps

Upon fully understanding your business, we come up with multiple strategic ways that you can take to achieve your target. This includes multi-pronged approach that often extends beyond marketing across the different business units.

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Marketing & Product Tech Stack

With so many tools out in the market, it can be very difficult to integrate a solution that is able to solve your problems into the company. Along with the actionable steps, we go one step further to advice on the best tech structure for your business.

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Customized Report

Throughout the project, we will be actively tracking the key metrics that determine whether the strategies are working effectively. Each report is specially curated for each individual client with a set of recommendations on a monthly basis so you stay ahead.

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FAQ About Digital Ads

We help you manage all the segmentation and performance optimisations when running ads on platforms such as Facebook Marketing, Google Search Ads and Google Shopping. While we do offer content creation services should you require them, we’ll still request for the raw images to be provided by you. As part of the package, we’ll have a monthly review and report to keep track of how we are doing, as well as a live updated report that you can access at any time.

Starting out on ads is easy, but succeeding in it so that it brings you predictable revenue is tough. We’ve worked with companies from many different industries as well as Facebook and Google to bring you the best possible ROI for your spend. On top of that, we optimise the ads at least twice daily to make sure that there is no wasted spend. These can take up much of your employee’s time which can be better spent on other aspects of the business.

We have an open communication channel with all our clients as we believe that this is key to being able to drive good results. On top of monthly reports and live-data that you can access at any time, our account managers are always available to discuss any new campaigns, questions that you may have or just have a chat about the weather.

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