Social Media Management

Showcase your brand in front of potential customers at the perfect moments through Social Media

Social Media Management

Building a lasting relationship with prospective customers is the only way your brand can keep your customers coming back again and again. Just as how we cringe when someone oversells us a product, having genuine conversations with your customers about whats happening keeps them in the loop and ready for when you want to sell.

Growing a social media audience does not happen by chance. A proper social media strategy targeting your ideal customers through creative posts consistently to showcase your brand. 

Engage with your Prospective Customers

62% of markets are increasing their spend on social media and influencer marketing in 2021 as brands see the value of social to grow their brand presence.

Consumers are getting more discerning when making decisions on which brands they want to support and align with their values. Having core values such as sustainability and excellent customer service as a section in the “About” section of the website no longer works, but instead showcasing this through your posts and activities is the way to capture the hearts of your audience.

Build Genuine Connections

Facebook and Instagram marketing are great ways to interact with your customers and hear their opinions and concerns. Just as you enjoy talking to your friends and hearing what their thoughts, social media acts as a channel for brands to get feedback on different campaigns and activities that is being run.

Keep a close ear to the ground and responding to your fans helps to build a deeper two-way communication that the brand is user-centric and accessible.

Highly Scalable and Trackable

The number of social media platforms are growing at such a rapid rate and it’s becoming increasingly complex for businesses to figure out which platforms their customers patronise.

Platforms such as Facebook are great for news articles and e-commerce products to an older audience, while Instagram is perfect for visual and experiential products. 

The good news is that social media is the perfect distribution platform to reach out to millions of your fans in just a click of a button. Well performing content can be repurposed to fit the persona you want to target, giving your brand visibility without advertising spend.

FAQ About Social Media Management

We have a chat with you to find out about your brand positioning, product as well as what you consider success on social media. Following that, we come up a social media strategy and content calendar that fits your requirements.

Building relationships take time not to mention building one with your customers, so we prefer to work with brands for at least a year to see the potential of social media.

Social Media may not be a key revenue driver when you are just starting out, but its a channel that is important to invest some time to explore even at the early stages of a company.

Building a brand voice in front of your audience takes time and it is only through consistent messaging that you are able to stay top of mind with your customers.

Surely you’ll trust a brand that you’ve been tuning to for the past few years over one that posts 15 posts in the last day – connecting with people on social media is the same.

We’ve worked with global brands including Surveymonkey, Pandora and F45 to grow their social media pages, so we know the process of how a successful social media campaign works.

Consistency in producing content is difficult to maintain in-house, but crucial to be able to succeed in this space. By working with us, you know that you’re in good hands.

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