Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

There are no better words to describe what local SEO means. However, the following quote from eConsultancy will help you digest the entire aspect.
Therefore, eConsultancy defines it as a strategy for “providing results that are relevant to a searcher based on their current location.”
That means: by using a certain keyword when searching for your intended information, you will have to insert a keyword targeting the exact place. For instance, if you are looking to purchase a solar PV system, you will search your query with the phrase, “Solar PV system in Australia.”
Thus, local SEO is among the best techniques when used to help your site to rank high on SERPs, drive sales and attract new customers.
However, the big elephant is what factors accelerate super-local SEO ranking?
Without further ado, let’s delve into the main copy.

3 Best Factors that determine Local SEO Ranking in 2021

Are you aware 64% of local customers use directories and local SEO as their main tool to look for local business? Sounds strange, right?

Think of this, when you want to search for a car dealer or close supermarket around your vicinity, what technique will you use to trace them, online right?

That means: when you attempt to search for any business nearby your resident, Google will endeavor to show you some of the close structure as per the keyword you’d have used. Since a larger percentage of searches are local natures. Several businesses have dived into the use of local SEO to be easily identified by those around them.

But, the question is, what determines local SEO ranking on your site?
To answer this question, let’s get started;

Factors that determine Local SEO Ranking this (year)

It’s said, behind every successful man, there is a woman. Also, for you to rank high on Google there are lots of efforts and tactics you have to do behind the scene to get better results.
So, what you do behind the camera matters a great deal to skyrocket your site rankings. Therefore, the following are the best factors that will always determine your local SEO ranking.

Your Site Relevancy

In most cases, Google values the relevancy of your site before ranking your site above your competitors.
That’s to means: the phrase most people use to search that matches with your local listing will notify Google about your site’s relevancy.
On the other, when you add business information, it will help Google to understand your business well and match your business to the most important searches.

How far your Business is

In simple terms, we can equate this to, “distance.”
Distance is another aspect that will determine your SEO ranking. Therefore, when a client searches for your business and he/she fails to specify the location of the search. Google will automatically measure the distance based on the location of the business.
So, the location terms are effective tools to get you noticed even at a far distance.

The Popularity of your Business

How popular is your business based on the targeted phrase?
Therefore, Google will always factor in several aspects to check the popularity of your business. Google will examine all the articles, links, and directories on your site to know how popular your business is.
In addition, both the positive and the negative reviews are factored in to determine the local SEO ranking.

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