Optimise for your on-page SEO through Page speed optimisation

The new age consumer switches their attention in a matter of seconds. Is your website optimised yet?

Page Speed Optimisation

One of the key factors that determine user experience on a site is page load speed. A good web page should load in under 3 seconds, anything beyond that is bad for user experience. Nothing frustrates an online visitor like a page with slow load speed. It could discourage visitors from returning to your site in the future. Slow load speed can also have negative impacts on your site’s ranking on search engines. To prevent this, you need to get your site up to speed.

Several factors could make a web page load slowly, such as large image files and embedded videos. That is why you must always compress large image and video files before using them on your site. Other factors that could affect the load speed of a page include code snippets, widgets, ads, poor hosting service, server location, etc.

Improve User Experience

Having a website that looks great is good, but if the load speed is slow, then there is a problem. Whether you own an online store or a company website, your online visitors should have a great experience using your site. A website with fast load speed enhances user experience. It will help decrease the bounce rate on your site.


Improve Your SEO Ranking

One of the factors used by the Google PageRank algorithm is page load speed. Google favors websites that give a great user experience. Since fast load speed enhances user experience, speeding up your site will help improve your ranking in search results. Also, websites with a fast load speed are easier to crawl for indexing. So, speeding up your site is a must if you want to rank higher in the SERPs.

Retain Your Customers

One of the major challenges online businesses have is retaining customers. Many businesses spend a lot of resources trying to figure out how they can retain their existing customers. They want to know this so that they can have a consistent flow of recurring revenue. 

A key factor in this aspect is the performance of a website. If your website performs great in terms of load speed and other areas, many customers will return to your site for future purchases, leading to recurring revenue in your business. While on the other hand, if your site performs poorly, many customers won’t return to your site, they would rather prefer visiting your competitor’s site with optimal performance.


FAQs About Page Speed Optimisation

There are several free tools online that can be used to test the speed of a site. One of the most popular tools is the PageSpeed test tool by Google that gives you a quick summary of how quickly your site is loading on mobile and desktop.

There are several things you can do to speed up your site, such as optimizing your images, using a good hosting service, reduce redirects, etc. However, for best results, it would be better to hire a professional.

We will perform a complete site analysis to find out the factors slowing down your website, then we will make the necessary adjustments to bring your site up to speed.

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