Gone are the days when you only need to have good content and relevant keywords to rank higher in search engine result pages. Google is constantly evolving, and new factors are being added regularly for ranking purposes. In the last few years, reviews have become an important aspect of SEO. Collecting reviews can help improve your SEO ranking. Search engines now take into consideration what other people are saying about your business. Hence, the importance of reviews for SEO ranking.
If you are serious about improving your SEO with reviews, your major concern should be on growing the number of Google reviews for your business listing. Then you should also look at other review platforms, such as Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and so on.

Gain Insights and Know What Your Customers Think

Google allows you to see the ratings and comments left by customers for your business listing. These ratings and comments can provide you with powerful insights. Your get to learn what your customers like and dislike about your products and services. With these insights, you can make the right adjustments to provide your customers with what they need.
Surely, you will have both positive and negative reviews. Don’t take the negative reviews too personal. Instead, take them as a chance to improve. Also ensure that you respond to all reviews left by customers. Let them know that you appreciate their inputs and willing to serve them better. Doing that will help build a good relationship with your customers.

Step Up Your SEO Ranking

Having many reviews from customers can help improve your local SEO rankings. The Google algorithm now considers the number and diversity of reviews for ranking purposes. The more reviews you have, the higher your ranking for local SEO. More people within your business’ geographical location will get to see your business online. This can also help increase your website traffic.

Establish Trust

Over 80% of prospective customers trust online reviews left by other customers. Many customers prefer buying products or services from sites with lots of reviews. The positive reviews left by other customers tells prospective customers that your products and services can be trusted. So, having lots of reviews on your business listing can help establish trust for your new customers.

FAQs About Reviews

This one question many people would like to have an answer for. There are lots of mixed comments concerning this. Some will tell you that negative reviews left by customers can hurt SEO, while others will tell you otherwise.
Here’s the truth, negative reviews have no impact on SEO. You can be penalized by Google for having negative reviews on your business listing. The only thing negative reviews can do is decrease the level of trust people have for your brand.

Reviews can help your business in many ways such as increased conversions, better relationship with customers, an edge over competitors, and more. Why not reach out to us today? Let’s help you grow your business with reviews.

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