Site Audit

Site Audit

Have you done everything to improve your site’s ranking on SERPs, but nothing seems to be working? Trying to optimize a site for SEO can be quite frustrating, especially if your efforts don’t produce any meaningful results. Many people spend weeks or even months trying to improve their SEO ranking, but still, their site’s ranking remains the same. Are you in the same boat, and would like to know why nothing is working despite all your SEO efforts? If yes, then you should continue reading to find out how you can determine the cause.After working on your site’s SEO and there are no improvements, what you need to do is perform a full site audit to determine the cause. A website audit is a process of analyzing factors affecting the visibility of a website in search engines. Most site audit tools will tell you what you need to do to improve your SEO.
SEO site audits are of different types which include site health audits, competitive site audits, security audits, technical SEO audits, etc. These different types of audits all serve a common goal, which is to determine the factors affecting your SEO. All site audits usually begin with site health audits to determine the present condition of a site in terms of SEO performance.

Know The Current State of Your Website Performance

Knowing how your site is performing is very important, especially if you run an online business. You want to make sure your site is performing well in order to improve user experience for your website visitors. For instance, does your website load fast or slowly? Is it user-friendly? These are some of the things you should know about your site.
Site audit provides you with answers to these questions. It allows you to know what is working and what is not. It also recommends what you can do to improve your site’s performance. If you’re serious about taking your business website to the next level, then you should perform a site audit regularly.

Improve Your SEO Ranking

Knowing the factors affecting your site’s SEO can make life a lot easier for you. Instead of guessing or working blindly, a website audit tells you why your SEO ranking is poor. It shows you common issues that may be affecting your site like keyword stuffing, missing title tags and descriptions, missing backlinks, and so on. That way you know the exact things to work on for improving your ranking on search engines.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

The goal of every online business is to increase conversion rate and sales. However, for that to happen, a website must have great performance. The site must be easy to navigate, it should load fast, etc. A website audit can help make the necessary adjustments to improve user experience and increase conversions.

FAQs About Site Audit

The size of your website would determine this. Smaller sites are less expensive since they have fewer pages than larger websites.

There are different types of audits, depending on what you want to improve on your site. However, always start with a site health audit. Contact us today, and let’s help with your website audit.

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