How F45 Training grew their followers by 186% in 5 Months


Client: F45 Fitness

With over 1750 studios around the world and 105 studios in Asia, F45 is one of the fastest growing Fitness Franchise around the world. Through it’s 45-min High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT), F45 is perfect for busy executives who are looking for a quick, time-efficient workout to stay productive. The strong community built around F45 keeps


Many F45 studios were forced to close during COVID-19 but they still wanted to engage with their members through regular content on nutrition, proper lifting techniques and recipes. Beyond that, they were looking to grow their followers organically and get more inbound leads on their programme through queries on Facebook.


We were able to grow the number of followers in the different outlets by 186%, as well as drive 84% more leads compared to before they worked together with us. Furthermore, we found that members were starting to have conversations around various tips and online porgrammes that we were promoting, signaling that social was driving engagement both online and offline.

How we solved it

By coming up with a social media strategy to target busy working executives and expats who were looking for a time efficient way to get their workout in. Using a social media calendar as well as posting themes of content on specific times of the day helped to build a form of familiarity with our audience as they knew what kinds of content to expect and when we would post it, so they would visit our social media page regularly.
how we solved it

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