SHEIN Membership – 4 Tiers of Rewards

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One of the best ways to get SHEIN has a membership programmes that VIP rewards programme is a rewards plan that rewards their biggest spenders through exclusive promotion.

With 4 levels ranging from S0 to S4, fans get access to a variety of rewards including free shipping, event access, a fashion magazine and preferential pricing. 


Exclusive Icon – Valid for S1 and above

Exclusive Icon is a badge that is tagged to your profile page that shows that you are currently an S1 member.  

Level-up Coupon – Valid for S2 and above

An exclusive level-up coupon that will be added to your account within 72 hours after the level changes. SHEIN will send you an email and app push notification with the coupon code as well as usage limits. Within the app, you can go to the “My Coupons” tab for more information.

Note that these coupons are only applicable to your registered site (so if you’ve registered for an account in Singapore under, these coupons can only be used on the Singapore site and not others). 

Free Shipping Card -Valid for S2 and above

An exclusive free shipping card that will be added to your account within 72 hours after you have reached S2. For S2 members, each code can only be used once to get free shipping. SHEIN will send you an email and app push notification with the coupon code as well as usage limits.

This free shipping card can help you save more money if you are looking to make a small purchase and not quite enough to hit the minimum spend for free shipping.

Pop-up Privileges -Valid for S2 and above

Get private early access to pop-up events organised by SHEIN happening around the world. 

While these pop-up events will not be carried out due to the COVID-19 restrictions around the world, keep a look out for these as they will likely come up when the travel restrictions ease.

Speedy Refund – Valid for S3 members and above

For approved refunds, SHEIN will give priority to S3 members and process their refunds within 24 hours. While this is so, the actual time of getting the payments back to your credit card depends on your payment institution. If they are unable to refund the payment to your credit card, you will receive the payment in your SHEIN wallet that you can use in your next purchase.

This is a great little perk for SHEIN members who purchase multiple products to test out the fit and returning clothes that do not fit them. The speedy refund helps you keep money in your bank while you shop more.

VIP Service – Valid for S3 members

The special VIP customer Service will provide higher quality service as a customer, in particular about orders and logistics. 

Free Festival Gifts – Valid for S3 members

Receive free gifts during traditional holidays such as free coupons, points and gift cards. Gift may not be returned or exchanged. These gifts will be sent via emails or push notifications. 

*Traditional holidays may differ across different countries. 

SHEINISTA Magazine – Valid for S3 members

Receive a fashion e-magazine “SHEINISTA” every quarter. 

S3-only promotions – Valid for S3 members

S3-only promotions are surprise discounts for S3 members to get the biggest discounts on select products. To enjoy S3-only promotions, you’ll need to log into their registered site first and choose all selected products on the SHEIN VIP page before placing your order. 

This membership reward is the one you’re looking for as it gives you access to even more discounts on the platform.


The SHEIN membership allows you to get further savings through the Free Shipping Card and S3-only promotions. While you can get many small perks from the membership, none of these promotions truly stand out to us as the Points reward and other campaign promotions overshadow this programme.

The “Free Festival Gifts” and “Pop-up Privileges” did catch our eye but as of now we have not been able to get any of these perks so we’re keeping our hopes up that they’ll pay more attention to it soon.

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